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Circle the Wagon's Ministries, Inc.
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Welcome to Get Along Little Doggies Kennel!
CIRCLE THE WAGON'S MINISTRIES, INC is located in Lexington, Oklahoma. The church is a non-denominational outreach church that is primarily self funded. One of the churches fund raising businesses is Get Along Little Doggies Breeder Kennel. Larry and Linda Simpson pastor the church and Pastor Larry is the one that does whatever needs to be done in the kennel, from bathing, grooming, loving, feeding, watering, cleaning, and the list goes on. 
The kennel is run with a tender heart and lots of love and care. Every effort is put into assuring each of the babies finds a wonderful forever home to be adopted into.
We are not a boarding kennel.
Bringing a puppy into your home is a really serious decision to make. It should be agreed on by the whole family and should only be done with the full understanding that puppies grow up into wonderful dogs and will need to be in your home their entire lifetime. So, if you can't see this puppy, then doggie, in your home 14 years from now this probably isn't the right one for you. Actually, there is no right one for you. Dog's just like children deserve to be adopted for their lifetime.
Pastor's Lawrence and Linda Simpson
604 E Broadway
Lexington, OK 73051
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